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Founded in 2023 by composer, drummer and producer Eric W. Brown, Magic Hammer Music is a record label in pursuit of unrestricted and relentless creative freedom. Leveraging the innovative spirit of Rainbowdragoneyes, Eric is dedicated to creating and platforming a vast spectrum of genre-defying music.


Since 2006, Eric has been exploring uncharted realms of electronic music, chiptune, game soundtracks, and death metal. With Magic Hammer Music he continues this journey, between his fulltime career as composer and sound designer for Sabotage Studio, as well as the full-time drummer of the band Nekrogoblikon. Weaving together these otherwise disparate threads into a vibrant tapestry not only defines his artistic identity, but lays the groundwork for a music label with unlimited potential.


Magic Hammer Music plans to continue expanding its influence and roster by championing the values of innovation, creativity and diversity through producing and nurturing talent that embodies the ethos of genre fusion and originality.


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Disc III: Pirate

Sea of Stars - Original Game Soundtrack

Disc I: Solstice

Sea of Stars - Original Game Soundtrack

Disc II: Eclipse

Sea of Stars - Original Game Soundtrack

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